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Earning (or trying to)
I've always been a bit crazy in the sense where I'll gain sudden interest in something and just go mad over that for a while, and then it ends. Sometimes for good, and sometimes the craze comes back in the future. One of this very thing is watching JK on youtube. Been binge watching them, JKNews, JKFilms, their vlogs. I think the phase is ending soon though.

Anyway, another thing that I've gained interest on (again) is trying to earn some side income online. Technically not really a side income because the earnings are little. When I first started, I did it on one website (which I'm still using to this day, but have been inactive on and off for the past 4 years) and I saw that it earned me peanuts. My friend told me someone she knew managed to earn quite a bit from there, but it all depends. So I took the chance, but it didn't earn me much. The thing about these websites is you'd have to earn up to a certain amount before you can cash out. And it takes very long for many people (like me).

Over these 4 years, I've joined so many websites, but I got tired of them. One, because there's too many. Two, I get lazy. Three, some are not legit sites, so I stopped once I found out (thankfully I'm lazy so I didn't actually earn much to feel the pain of money loss). So now, I've decided to just stick to what I will list here (including my referral code) along with my experience with them. Some of them are not applicable to all countries.

1. Ayuwage
I joined this in 2014 I think. To earn from this website is pretty simple. There are tabs with various options that we can choose from. Under each tab, there are explanations on how we can earn. The ones I always do is paid to click websites under the 'View' and 'Regular' tabs, copy paste links under the 'Browse' and 'Explore' tabs, sharing links on FB and clicking them under the 'Share' tab (I tried this for the first time yesterday because I didn't notice it there before and it worked), and searching for websites under the 'Search' tab. There are other tabs there, but I stick to only these. One sad thing is usually websites like this cater to America, so those outside may not receive as many opportunities to earn (less things to click, less things to search for, less things to share, etc). But I don't really mind because I still did managed to earn some. It took me very long because as I said, I am always on and off with my mood.

2. Clixsense
I actually joined this in 2014, but I did nothing with it. So I earned less than 5 cents I believe. I ended it there and then. Yesterday, I reactivated my account and tried to understand the website better because this is the one website that I've read many good things about. It has a good reputation. It is simple. It has paid to click ads, surveys, and tasks to complete. And there's a daily checklist which if completed, earns you an extra bonus. So after only two days of using this site, I've earn $2.9750. I'm hoping I can continue this good pace and get to cashout soon. I haven't tried cashing out because I haven't reached the minimum amount but I'm just going to trust this site for now.

3. Viewfruit, Toluna, Globaltestmarket, ipanelonline
These four websites are survey websites. I don't really recommend them, but anyone can try them. I get annoyed with them because many of the surveys that I get, I'm always unqualified for them. Sometimes I'll be almost done with a survey and they screen me out, wasting my time. So it takes great pains to earn any from here. I'm still sticking to them, but I only access the sites once in a while when I don't feel like I will flip out if they screen me out.

4. 8share
This particular one is the simplest. All you have to do is share out links, hope people will click on them and load the pages, and get credited for each unique visitor. Each click earns you a few cents. I think there is a different website for each country that they cover, so mine is specific to my country. Foreigners who click on the links are not counted.

One important thing to check is the cashout option. I only have paypal, so I always make sure I can cashout there if not my savings account. Also, always check the terms and conditions of the cashout.

I've read that sites with 'bux' attached to them are all scams, so be mindful about them, although scams are not limited to just those.

These aren't really a side income kind of thing. They're just something I can do to earn. The earnings may be little, but if you add them all up, you can at least get an amount where you can treat yourself to a nice meal or buy something, or even donate. The main reason why I'm doing this is actually to pay off my student loan. What I earn in one year (or at least what I aspire to) can help me pay off one month's pay back of my loan. I think that's great. And when I'm debt-free, I can use that money for something else. I don't know how long I will keep this up, but I hope I am diligent.


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