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TSD 2012.06.02 Cuts
Hi. All these time I've always only gotten subs from people and I know it's really hard work. Now I've actually tried it myself and boy, was it tiring. Just for a mere 1 minute took a very long time. I really appreciate the subbers out there. Otsukare~

Well, it's my first time subbing. My Japanese is only at a beginner's level and honestly, I still don't quite understand some parts in the video, but I did try to sub as much as I could. Some parts that I think is self-explanatory, I left them unsubbed. The font colour and timing might be a little off and hard to read. Sorry about that. I used Windows Movie Maker as a trial and the options are limited and the most basic.

So, here goes the result of 6-7 hours worth of subbing. It's definitely not as good as videos from other subbers, but I hope it's at least understandable.

The raw is taken from days_so_sweet. Thank you very much.

Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen 2012.06.02 cuts

Higashiyama-kun vs Pan-kun - 306.6mb (wmv) [join with hjsplit]

What's in the Box? - Higashiyama-kun - 31.5mb (mp4)

This post will be public for 2 weeks and friend-locked from then on.

Edit: Links have been taken down. Am resubbing and editing. Will post up when done.

Taking these thank you!


Thanks for sharing and otsukaresama!!

thanks for your great effort.. ^o^

Thank you for your hard work. :)

Thank you for sharing ^_^

Thanks so much for your very precious efforts and for your hard work ^^

Thank you for subbing and sharing this!!
It's so funny and understandable<3

Thank you so much! :p


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